System Intro

The booking System

Search Engines
To more easily search for a service you need to choose the appropriate search engines and submit as much data as possible. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, others are optional and simply help you to perform a more precise search.
Rapidly the system will display all the solutions that match
set parameters. If you have not set optional data, the results are displayed according to the availability and price and can still be ordered using the available filters.

Services Available and on Request


The proposals you can immediately confirm online

Services which are not confirmable online, but can accept a request. Normally within 24 hours you will receive via e-mail a notification about availability.






How to manage existing bookings

To view the list of your existing Booking click your bookings button. Entering each files you can:
Access full details of each services
- Add / remove services
- View orders

Login by shortcut for desktop

Enable the funcionality, whenever available inside your profile menu, and download the link for quick access the website without typing your account credentials